Why We Exist

Our Objectives

  • Strengthen institutional framework between all levels of Government and South African townships and villages.
  • Advocate for township and village tourism stakeholders especially the indigenous groups.
  • Research, develop and implement transformative strategies and programs through introducing new market entrants and inclusive tourism offerings.
  • Generate value to unlock new opportunities, drive growth and deliver new efficiencies for the country and its people especially indigents through the tourism value chain.
  • Develop, diversify and enhance tourism products through niche and community-based tourism experiences such as Rural, Cultural, Agritourism, Heritage Tourism etc.
  • Ensure that SATOVITO provides the best platform for intra-trade among its members, business referrals, develop and promote SATOVITO members’ tourism packages.
  • Develop “smart” townships and villages by promoting investment. The driving motivation behind the concept on “Smart Townships and Villages ” is that the technology should act as a catalyst for development, enabling education and local business opportunities, improving health and welfare, enhancing democratic engagement and overall enhancement of rural/village and township dwellers.
  • Conserve the rich history, heritage, culture and indigenous knowledge through development of authentic South African niche tourism experiences based in townships and villages.
  • Develop national routes that interlink with Villages, Townships and Small Towns/Dorpies (VTSD’s) that offer niche tourism experiences.
  • Grow domestic tourism offerings and increase market access through development, support and marketing of authentic South African tourism experiences based in townships and villages.


Transformation for SATOVITO

Transformation should adopt a proactive and futuristic approach. It should seek out solutions for the industry that will best showcase the capabilities of the rainbow nation where, natural resources of the country, its heritage and cultures benefit, develop and advances South Africa in the global tourism market. A transformed tourism Industry will put the country first and race last. More jobs will be created and poverty ultimately reduced and eradicated.


We are a recognised national stakeholder at the NTSF (National Tourism stakeholder Forum)

2022: Stakeholder at the Inter-Provincial Red Tape Reduction Task Team led by the Department of Small Business Development (DSBD) and National Department of Tourism (NDT) and private sector.
2021: Stakeholder involvement in halting the Mandela Family Museum Liquidation process.
2021 December: Hosted Gauteng Tourism Market Day and Business Networking Session.
2021 September: Hosted the first hybrid event titled “Tourism Transformation Dialogue” with following speakers , SATOVITO Chairman, National Department of Tourism “NDT”, South African Tourism “SAT”, Southern Africa Tourism Services Association “SATSA”, Gauteng Tourism Authority “GTA” and others.
2021 September: Panel Speaker at the Africa Travel and Trade Summit.
2021 May: Mentioned and recognized at the 2021 Parliamentary budget vote by minister of Tourism.
2021 March: Contributor to the Tourism White paper review.
2021 February: Hosted the Ministerial Stakeholder Engagement Webinar with the Minister of Tourism titled “Building an Inclusive Tourism”.
2020 November: Co-hosted the Minister of Tourism Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane in Soweto. Topic – “The role of township and rural tourism in driving economic growth, job creation and positioning of South Africa as destination of choice”.
2020 July: Submitted to the Tourism Transformation call by Parliamentary Committee on Tourism – “Tourism Transformation proposal by SATOVITO”.
2020 March – July: United Township and Village tourism business owners and local tourism organizations across South Africa under the SATOVITO banner.

Strategic Partners in Township and Village Tourism Development

Gauteng Tourism Authority https://www.gauteng.net/
Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency http://www.mpumalanga.com/ 
Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency https://visiteasterncape.co.za/